I lost my stuff! Now what?

Please fill out the


Be sure to leave a detailed description of your item on the form. If you’ve lost a phone please list the model of the phone, color of the phone, kind of case, and let us know your lock screen background image so we can identify the phone as yours. 

What do I do after I filled out the form?

No need to call or email again, your form gets sent to our email already and is being checked throughout the weekend. 

If you lost something in the ball pit, you may have to wait until Tuesday of that following week to hear back. The ball pit is cleaned weekly on Mondays so we will let you know after it has been cleaned out. 

AT THE LATEST, all Lost and Found inquiries are replied to by Thursday of the following week that the item was lost.

So my stuff was found, when can I pick it up?

Our bar staff sleeps during the day so we can keep the party going for you all night. Lost and Found pick up hours are as follows:

Friday 5pm-10pm

Saturday 8pm-10pm

Sunday 9pm-10pm

We appreciate your patience while we search for items.